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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Researchers found that a small minority of users-- around 0.05% of the site's population-- are generating half of all Twitter posts.

I can see the plausibility of using something like facebook for networking, for some lines of work [sales etc]... but twitter has no observable utility, all those feeds would be better served by an RSS feed.

I don't want to be notified, say, when the beer changes at Toronado, I want to know what is on tap tonight.

Sending from SMS means that any message is not going to be well-thought-out and will likely be vague or incomplete, and receiving via SMS means constantly getting interrupted by ill-conceived messages. It just sounds like lose-lose to me; the nature of Twitter guarantees that the posts are going to be inane drivel. With RSS there was a chance you'd get useful info (though Google news turned out to be a better way of getting headlines). With Twitter feeds, there seems to be no chance of getting useful info; it's the nature of the medium.

I'm not saying RSS is great or that I rely on it; but I fail to see how Twitter is in any way an improvement (for the consumer of the feeds i mean... obviously sending via SMS is convenient for the publisher). They are useless for the consumer; for the producer, sure, but who cares if it is convenient for the producer? They are the ones making money off the thing!

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