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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Public Witness

"That whole public speaking thing is something i'm getting really good at... ...gave a tech presentation a few weeks ago to a pretty hard-core bunch... managed to keep control of that one too. Stamped down the twits who try to derail you quite elegantly and still kept the floor open for discussion. When some wanker tries to derail it I can switch into his vocabulary and shut that nitwit the hell up. The trick for tech presentations is to open with a familiar case and establish the reference words and then stick with that... there's always some bastard who wants to drag you into his domain. You have to keep the audience on your side and you do that by not treating them like idiots. Establish the reference framework early on; when that bastard (there's always one) tries to pull you out ridicule him. Everybody hates that guy anyway."

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