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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Decline and Fall of BSD

I had to run a FreeBSD binary the other day, so this meant I had to actually install

From what I can tell of the freenode irc channels, nobody uses /usr/ports anymore. "Just use pkg_add, it will work." completely missing the point here that if I wanted a binary distributed OS I could install ubuntu. Nobody bothers to recompile the kernel. "If stuff works as is then why bother to recompile?" (completely missing the point. The point is that BSD is supposed to be super tuned and lightweight to your system so that you can brag that your 128MB Ram P133 running FreeBSD 3.2 can outperform a dual core machine with 1 gig of ram running Windows 7.

But the modern BSD users don't seem to get that.

However one good thing to note, I am finally glad that BSD users have stopped lying to themselves by insisting OSX == FreeBSD.

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