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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Non Pretensious Map of Frisco

You hear it all the time, people trying to engage in renters-bragging about what section of Frisco they live in, using phrases like "The Marina" or "Cow Hollow" or SOMAPOTMISS or Mission Bay, or Dogpatch --as if every block required it's own Nomme-De-Absurdism. They seem to be making these names up every other week (as in the case of SOMAPOTMISS) in order to justify paying some ludicrous rent increase or in order to maintain some semblance of street cred or "sense of neighborhood" (as if anyone in Frisco has such a thing).

Hang it all. I am just going to refer to the stupid areas with the original District Zoning Notation.

So conversations will go:
"Oh you know, I live by Hayes Valley..."
"Oh you mean District Six."

How about:
"I live in Buena Vista but always go to the Mission for drinks, and sometimes the Castro to catch a flick!"
"Oh, so you mean you never leave District Five. Kinda lame, man."
(The entire width of Frisco from bay to breakers is 8 miles wide. This guys world fits in about 6 sq miles.)

And by the way, if you are thinking that SOMAPOTMISS smells like how it sounds, you'd be right.

- District 9 resident.

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