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Friday, April 10, 2009

Frisco Sucks.

I suppose this was intended to be a parody, but in reality, it's quite the documentary. Sigh.

It's definately gotten worse with the web2.0 emergent crap cascade.

The local fake indie radio station just flat out lied right now and said Frisco is full of "thin girls in sundresses." I guess Frisco takes the idea of thin as an ironic adjective defined not only by Reuben and idealized by the people who crafted the Venus of Willendorf.

What I am saying is that most of the Frisco women are FAT. Which is why the facebook photos are shot at oblique angles. And why, for that matter, they hide on facebook, or wear baggie jeans and hoodies out to upscale clubs. To be fair, how can you not expect anyone living in a year round 60 degree F temp to not put on weight?

This is not to say all Frisco women are fat. Some of the women, of course, are on cocaine.

- PRSF resident since 2004.

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