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Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to Avoid Stupid Startup Recruiters

"So. What do you do?"

This is a question i hear more and more in the dot com cafe section of District Five - the cafe where all the hipsters fight over power plugs so that they can run their latest "XML and Java to put Stupid Stuff on the Web"(tm) startup from when the cafe opens at 6am to when it closes at midnight.

It is a question that makes my skin crawl.

I usually reply, "I am a programmer." If they still look happy to hear that, I continue with, "A programmer is a professional coder, which just means that you have grown the hell up and you have a freaking job and and you don't care about stupid stuff on the web cos you're making money and are acting as an ADULT.

When they try to tell me about all the wonderful web 2.0 bullcrap, I point out that I program things for medical barcode readers, and other medical software. "The stuff that keeps people alive."

Most piss off about then.

If they bother me more, I tell them that when I'm not at work, I try to stop talking about work.

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